How to view other computers on my network With my vista computer?

lil_matt94 asked:

I have a home network on my xp desktop and all my other laptops are connected to it and sharing files and a printer. I have a new vista laptop that is connected to the home network and working with the internet but i don’t know how to view other computers or printers.
How can i view the other computers on my vista laptop?
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Ive enabled all sharing files and printers i just cant find other computers and printers on my vista laptop

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How do I set up a home network with my wireless router?

CandyCane asked:

I want to network my notebook computer to my desktop in the house so I can easily send files between the two, but I don’t know how. Here is what I have, and what I have tried.

I have a Belkin Wireless G router.
I have a free ftp server installed on my desktop.

I’ve tried using an ftp program to connect to the ftp server on my desktop so I can swap files that way, but the notebook won’t connect to the desktop. I’m wondering if the router is interfering, and what I need to do to connect.

Is this the best way to home network, or is there another way?

Basically what I need to know is how do I get my notebook and desktop to communicate so they can share files. Thank you!
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My computer keeps disconnecting from my home wireless network?

lynchd24 asked:

I have set up a WEP home wireless network with at 128 bit hexidecimal encyrption. When i turn on my computer (Dell XPS M1330 with inbuilt Intel wireless a/b/g card) it connects to my network (I have put in the encryption code) and it connects to the internet for 20-30mins and then disconnects and wont find the network again until i reboot the system. There is another laptop on the network and it has none of these problems! I have tried to reinstall the driver and all the steps windows troubleshooter suggests but it doesnt fix it. And its not just my home network because it happends on my university network
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Windows XP computer loses sight of other computers on network?

Supplicant asked:

I have a XP Professional computer on a home network with three XP Home Ed. computers. I am using a Linksys router. I am losing access to the shared folders on the network on my XP pro computer. This loss occurs intermittently, working some days and stopping on others with no system changes on my part. The other computers on the network can still see and access each other (including the problem PC). There is never any loss of internet access. I am the only one who uses the computer.
I have rebooted numerous times with no changes, I am not always using the network when it loses itself.
I get no response from pinging other computers on my network, I also tried to renew the connection and it is now totally unconnected (cannot see the Pro PC from the other computers).
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How do I establish a network between the computers in my home?

capital vice asked:

I want to establish a network that allows everyone in my home to communicate via separate computers, but access some of the same programs and transfer them to one another. We already IM, but say, for instance, I want to access Outlook Notes saved onto another computer in the house from my office? I’ve been unsuccessful in trying to email them. What are some other options to try? Thanks.
I know it’s a bit late to add now, but I use Windows Vista.

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XP Home Networking Problems?

bill b asked:

After running the Wizard on both computers, my laptop does not show either computer when I “View Network Computers.” My main computer shows both the main and laptop but access is denied to the laptop. The laptop has Norton Internet Security and the main does not. I disabled both NIS and Windows firewall. I connect through a linksys router and have no trouble connecting to the internet with either computer. Would appreciate your advice. Thnx, bill b

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Computer Networking Equipment?

fuhreezing asked:

I am trying to compile a list of computer networking equipment. I’m hardly familiar with the concepts of computer networking.. but I need a, hopefully, exhaustive list of equipment. So far I’ve got: Servers, firewalls, routers, switches, hubs, modems, [throw in some suggestions here!]. It’s supposed to be a pretty large network not a home type thing. Reason: I need to find parts that meet requirements for a network and I can’t start without knowing what the parts are! haha..
“If you have an unlimited budget and are being told to buy the hardware then we’ll design around it” That’s basically the idea.. it’s supposed to be.. inventive. It is a very large network with existing factors to take into account - so your advice as to which direction to start off in was great. I needed that.

I apologize that I’m so ignorant of Networking practices.. it’s very new to me. My purpose in asking this question was to get a starting place as to which major components were necessary in a networking set-up! DLink website will be useful, thank you. Home depot analogy opened my eyes :P haha..

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Why is my connection to the internet faster than to another computer on my home network?

G asked:

I tested this downloading a 5 Mg file from the internet, the copied the file to another computer. I don’t have wireless netorking, the house is wired with regular lan cable & an linksys wired router.

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How do I create a home network between a Win 2000 & Win XP computer?

ac asked:

I am trying to create a simple home network between a Windows 2000 computer & a Windows XP computer using a crossover cable. I have tried to assign them both to the same workgroup, but to no avail. They just cannot find each other.

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I put a 2nd computer on our home network using cable but can’t get a connection. Must I reset the router?

rboonstra asked:

Router is a DI-524. I already have a wireless connection to the second computer (Sony Vaio laptop) but want a wired connection also.

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How do I connect my computer to a router for home networking without sharing the internet?

john b asked:

Here is my setup:
1 Desktop Connected to local Comcast Broadband Cable
(has 2 NIC cards installed)
1 Lynksys wireless router connected to Qwest DSL
3 Laptops with wireless adapters

Here is my Problem:
I want to share all computers on a home network for filesharing only. The Desktop needs a dedicated Broadband connection. and the Wireless Router will share the DSL for the laptops..

I have the Desktop Connected to the Broadband modem on one NIC and to the Router on the other NIC. How do I disable the DSL to the Desktop, from the Router, while keeping the LAN filesharing capabilities on? Alternately, How do i prevent the Desktops Broadband from being shared to the Router?

I know this sounds complicated, but if you understand this, then I assume you know as much if not more about this situation than I do and would love to hear some good answers. Thank you in advance.

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Will anti-virus on a host computer protect the entire network?

Scott P asked:

On a home network, will the anti-virus that is installed on the host computer protect other computers on the same network?

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Transferring files to another computer on my home network?

Heliocentric asked:

I just got a new laptop and I’d like to transfer a lot of files from my old one onto it. Is there a way to do this directly by connecting them both to our wireless network?

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How do I connect my new iMac computer to my home network of PC’s?

Joe B asked:

I purchased an iMac apple computer and want to connect a remote printer to it. I can get a wireless connection to go online with but I want to be able to print on a printer that is connected to a PC.

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home networking and multiply game playing?

evilnima x asked:

i have two high tech computer in my home.
can I network this two computer without connecting to internet,how?(i have network card) NO HPNA
my porpose is multiply games.

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